How Did I Get Here

My name is Melisa Angione. Before anything, I am a proud wife to my best friend and soulmate of nearly 14 years (and counting), married for 5. We have two beautiful, bright, and healthy children together, Ava Marie & Alessio Ambrogio. As you can imagine, they are our entire WORLD. The love we share and the life we have created means everything to me. It will always and forever come first. I am blessed and forever grateful to be able to share my human experience and life’s journey with the 3 of them by my side. 

  Professionally, I would like to say I have many paths and passions. To start, I graduated in 2012 with honours and received my diploma in Early Childhood Education with my bachelor’s in child development. I was then hired by York Region as an Early Interventionist. I later perused my career in early childhood education and worked as a ECE for YRDSB, teaching Jk/SK. 

  I absolutely loved teaching, as it was a passion of mine. Kindergarten allowed me to be creative, fun and loving in so many ways. Working with children was such a rewarding job and I will always be grateful for that experience. 

  Once I became pregnant with Ava in 2016, I began to do some soul searching. There was a huge part of me that I had kept isolated for so long. She wanted to burst open and be free. I felt it. Since I was a child, I was always very intuitive. I was extremely passionate about plants, animals and the helping the environment. I was interested in magic and all topics related to the universe. Angels, stars, planets, the moon, you name it! In my teenage years, I read books related to nutrition and how food heals and prevents disease. I was so aware of my body and what it needed. But, like most teens (and well into my 20s) my environment began to suppress this girl.  I stopped paying attention to my interests and passions and I continued to do what I was ‘comfortable’ with and what others expected of me and that was teaching kindergarten. 

  Giving birth to Ava was a life changing experience for me. I reclaimed myself once I brought her into this world. I realized; she was MY teacher. I experienced an awakening, I ascended into this higher state of consciousness, a better version of myself. I was then ready to embark on my own healing journey. Having this newborn child was the universe also showing me that I was born again. It was time for me to take charge, it was time for me to shed layers of who I did not want to be, and embrace change and growth. I had more time alone, away from the crowd and my job. Where some woman would often feel lonely, I felt free. I was free to explore who I am and who I wanted to be, for myself, and for my family. 

  I dived back into books I was interested in; energy healing, holistic nutrition, conscious parenting, herbalism for beginners etc. I enrolled in school, completed a few courses, unschooled myself, and learned new patterns and habits. I reconnected with my childhood self again. The girl who was intuitive, filed with fire and passion for education. The girl who was obsessed with learning the ways of the universe & unlocking secrets of the mind, body and spirit connection. I wanted to teach, that never changed, but I wanted to teach a new way. I wanted to teach something new. I wanted to help other woman get back to their whole-selves; mind, body and spirit. I wanted to teach others how they can live their life to their fullest human potential. I knew there was so much more of me I needed to offer. 

  I took the time I spent home with my Ava to live in the present and change my life for the better.

I have been living in the moment. 

I meditate. 

I have reconnected to nature.

I went plant- based.

I live a holistic lifestyle.

I learned how to live more sustainable. 

I focus on our health and wellness.

I studied holistic health and nutrition.

I studied herbal medicine and created an abundant home garden.

I invested time into creating holistic healing products. 

I began teaching others how they can raise conscious, healthy children. 

I focused on providing the most non-toxic environment for my family and I (products we use in our home and our bodies, air we breathe, water we drink, food we eat etc. 

I removed people and situations that would no longer serve us, things that we’re toxic to our home and our growth. 

I manifested a life I truly desire. 

What started as my own personal healing ended up with the desire to heal others. That brings me to this new introduction; 

My name is Melisa Angione, loving wife and mother, Holistic Health & Nutritional Councillor specializing in Woman & Children’s Whole Health, Lifestyle Coach & Childhood Educator: Mind & Nutrition. 

Allow me to guide you through your healing journey; 

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